Eric Hunter is the technical genius combining expert knowledge in cinematography, video editing, sound engineering, and shaping of light. When you want something to look good, you hire Eric. Our main cinematographer and gaffer.



Alexander Hiers is a local producer of feature and short films under his company Trustfall Productions. He brought his film, For Love of The Redwoods, which he wrote and directed, to RMS in 2018. Now he considers us his main resource for ongoing partnerships.



Taylor Fredericks is the founder of Static Heart Productions, focusing on short films, series, and music videos. He works with RMS as a Director, Cinematographer, Actor, and Producer.







Telling stories is all Mattias wanted to do growing up. He started with flip books in the corner pages of dictionaries. He created stop motion scenes with pokémon toys and his parents vhs camera. Then he drew comics and wrote his own stories in high school. When he got his first camera at 17 he fell in love with editing and capturing the world around him. His world. It was a fun hobby with which he created a vlog. Then people asked him to create videos for them. To capture their performances, their life moments, and their own stories. He never expected this to be a business, but the more he did, the more people kept asking him to do. He formed a network. He collaborated with other artists. They continued making more. Finally he aspired to making an official coalition. A production company and studio that could continue providing people with solutions to their content creation needs, whatever they may be, and so he could continue doing what he fell in love with so long ago: telling stories.


A COFFEE DATE - You may be familiar with a "Free Consultation". That's essentially what this is. Starting here gives us a chance to get to know you. We aim to engage, but to do that we have to be inspired first. We want to understand you, your goals, your vision, and your dreams. Perhaps, somewhere in there, we'll find a spark of inspiration.

SCRIPT FLIPPING - Creating videos is easy, but telling a story is hard. We want to make sure each project is right for your needs while embarking on something completely unique. As our namesake would have it, however, we don't always do things the way everyone else does it. Our strategy in creative direction sometimes means doing things differently, unconventionally, and what makes sense for your problems. In order to grow, in order to keep pushing the medium, and in order to make sure your product stands out we take our time in the writing phase to find the right story.

FULL TRANSPARENCY - We're professionals. That's why you're here. We guarantee the product you receive is just as quality as our peers. However, we don't want to simply take the money and run; instead we want to make sure that you're getting the right product. We're honest when we think you may be asking for too much, too little, or something that won't do you any good. You'll also know exactly what you're paying for, so there's no fear or confusion when it comes to pricing. All-in-all we don't want to bullshit you, and that means providing services that make sense for you, your budget, and your audience.


WE'RE FULL SERVICE - You've heard or read this about every production house, but what does it mean?It means we don't limit ourselves. Whereas most companies focus on corporate videos or wedding videos, or only capture & edit services, we believe that video is all encompassing. That means if you need pre-production services (scheduling, budgeting, writing, hiring, etc.), consultations, team training, tutoring, social media management, distribution techniques or more, on top of video creation, we want to offer those as well. We also want to work in any style, genre, or field as we believe that good quality video should be for everyone.

WE'RE EVOLVING - Video and content creation is an ever growing landscape with new technologies and upgrades happening every day. As content creators ourselves we attempt to stay up-to-date with all the new techniques, equipment, and creators that are permeating our industry. We believe there is always something new to learn, and we continue to self-educate to make sure we stay on top of the trends. That said, we never rely on fancy tricks or tools to get the job done. Nothing substitutes for innate talent and sensibilities which got us into this career in the first place, and it's well documented that it's not about the tools but who is using it that matters.

WE'RE FILM PRODUCERS - At the end of the day, we just want to collaborate and make stuff, whether to put it on the internet, through the festival circuit, or upload to streaming devices. We're always looking for new scripts or ideas that we can potentially produce or bring to life.

Sometimes you don't need an entire team. Not to worry, our members can work as individual contractors, and often we'll task a single person with handling a project. So if you're looking for a cinematographer, videographer, editor, photographer, director, writer, sound designer, or anything else related, please make sure to note it in your inquiry, and we'll be sure to partner you up with the correct crewmember. In cases where we might not have the right position, we also have an ongoing network of other contractors whom we hire for specific jobs, and we will make every effort to connect you with someone who can help you.



Please allow us 48 hours to respond to each inquiry. If urgent, you may call Mattias at 979.583.3538. We appreciate your patience.
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As a reminder, please allow 48 hours for us to respond to your request. If urgent, you may call Mattias at 979.583.3538. We appreciate your patience.
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